I am Noah Li-Leger, and I am driven by creative projects. I have a background in the arts, an education in industrial design and engineering. I’m an entrepreneur at heart.

Excited by forward thinking ideas, I strive for innovative solutions and push myself to produce creative products.


My work includes new product design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing. I have worked with startups, small companies, non-profits, inventors, and big business. I offer my services through my company; Li-Leger Inc.


Li-Leger Inc. has successfully seen projects from conception to marketplace.


Our projects have included work in medical design, electronic design and design for the oil and gas industry.

Select clients and projects we have had the pleasure of working with include:

  •  Explore Making, Vancouver BC – educational "making" projects

  • Cold Bore Technology, Calgary AB – oil & gas downhole telemetry

  • Tinkerine, Vancouver BC – 3D printing technology

  • Osensa Innovations, Coquitlam BC – fiber optic temperature sensing

  • BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver BC – intrathecal drug delivery

  • PHS Community Services, Vancouver BC –intranasal drug delivery

  • Biosyn Systems, Surrey BC – wireless motion capture 

design process, yielding innovative solutions and
creative products

Let my robots do the heavy lifting.


I specialize in custom fabrication of quick-turn "rapid-manufactured" parts.

These services include:

  • Consultation to help you understand the
    process and streamline rapid manufacturing


  • 200+hours/day 3D printing capacity

  • Laser Cutting & CNC Milling

  • Post processing and assemblies



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